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Photo by Mark Weber

Welcome to,
the official website of Bud Tristano.
Originally from New York City, Bud now
lives in the backwoods of Pennsylvania.

"To some people rules are the most important thing,
but my desire is only to reproduce what I hear.
Music was intended to reflect the mysterious
accord that exists between nature and the imagination."
- Claude Debussy, 1901


Coming Soon

"Lenape Seepu", a collaboration with pianist Kazzrie Jaxen, on the New Artists Records label. Inspired by the Delaware River, formerly known as "Lenape Seepu" - the river of the Lenape.

Lenape Seepu

Primal Elegance

"Primal Elegance", Bud's first CD, a collaboration with pianist Connie Crothers, on the New Artists Records label. Inspired by Manhattan, New York City.
Available here   ==>

Visit the official New Artists Primal Elegance page here.

Pesunqua CD

"Pesunqua", an archival compilation of Bud's early work, inspired by the nature and wildlife of western Pennsylvania.
Free download available here  ==>

Pesunqua CD: free mp3 version

Canoeing on the Clarion River      Wood Thrush
Pesunqua Whitetail Deer

New York, New York

Pesunqua Black Bear 328 kb

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Bud Tristano at The Stone, NYC, 2009. Photo by Mark Weber.

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