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Extraordinary journeys to extraordinary places ...

Free-Form Music

An independent label featuring improvised music,
in which each member functions as an independent producer with complete creative control:


Web Design and Music



Guitarist extraordinaire Rusty Cooley ... über-shred ...
Check out his 8-string shred video clip!

The Mannahatta Project

Have you ever wondered what New York was like before it was a city?
Welcome to Mannahatta, 1609:

Visit Mannahatta Online

Image used with permission of the Mannahatta Project staff

Read The Book

The story of Eric Sanderson's ten year project to reconstruct Mannahatta, circa 1609.
Fascinating. Available at Amazon:

Mannahatta at Amazon

Image used with permission of the Mannahatta Project staff

Vermont's Original Organic Dairy Farm

Butterworks Farm

Butterworks Farm, Vermont

U.S. Geological Survey, 4/30/99.  Click on photo to see larger image.
Image courtesy of USGS

Panama Canal Zone

~ Canal Zone Memories ~
Excellent sites for Zonians and Veterans


Lesley Hendricks' CZ Brats

Midge England's Panama CZ

Jeffrey Miller's Panama Blogs

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