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~ Brand New CD ~


A collaboration with pianist Kazzrie Jaxen on the New Artists Records label. Inspired by the Delaware River, formerly known as "Lenapewiattuck" - the river of the Lenape. The music is all free improvisation.

<== Click on photo for more info.

Lenapewiattuck © 2018 Bud Tristano & Kazzrie Jaxen

~ Original Music Based on Bird Calls ~

Audio and sheet music by Bud Tristano:

Wood Thrush Theme Scores

Hermit Thrush Theme Score

~ New Panama Books ~

The Isthmus


New photo album by Andrew Kaufman:
==> "The Isthmus"

A very nice new project documenting the recent Panama Canal expansion with photos galore, in a coffee table art book format. Also includes fabulous photos of Panama, the country, the people and the culture.

Panamá: el país, la gente y la cultura ... ¡Viva Panamá!


Book Image © Andrew Kaufman. Used with permission.

The Panama Affair


New novel by my friend Jeffrey Miller:
==> "The Panama Affair"

Three young airmen start their Air Force careers at Howard AFB in the Panama Canal Zone in the 1970s. A fascinating adventure unravels as they become involved with Panama's nightlife during the intense times of the Panama Canal Treaty negotiations. Contains mature subject matter.


Book Image © Jeffrey Miller

~ New Review: Primal Elegance ~


A new review of an album I made with Connie Crothers,
back in 2001. I like this:
Primal Elegance, Reconsidered (2015)

~ Butterworks Farm, Vermont 2013 ~

New video from my latest visit, plus a new book by Jack Lazor, co-owner of Butterworks Farm in Westfield, Vermont.
Inspired by a lifetime of organic farming from the ground up. Available now at Amazon (click on book image):



Book Image © Jack Lazor

~ New Videos ~

I have started a YouTube channel: My YouTube Page

Bud Tristano on YouTube

~ Pesunqua CD Free Download ~

Available now in mp3 format. The music expresses the changing seasons of a full year at my woodland hideaway. It consists of private field recordings that I made from 1987 - 1997. All the best bits are edited and arranged into this theme. Many of the tracks include wildlife and nature sounds. Click on photo:

Pesunqua © 2007 Bud Tristano

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